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safe - designed for kids - ad free

Informed by experts

Our founders and team take great pride in the fact that Stella is designed by parents for parents, with scientifically-backed content. Find out about Stella's sleep expert, renowned psychologist and TEDx speaker Helena Kubicek Boye.

safe - designed for kids - ad free

Informed by experts

Our founders and team take great pride in the fact that Stella is designed by parents for parents, with scientifically-backed content. Find out about Stella's sleep expert, renowned psychologist and TEDx speaker Helena Kubicek Boye.

Introducing Stella's sleep expert:

Helena Kubicek Boye

Helena is a renowned psychologist, sleep expert and TEDx speaker. She has written the stories "Balloons" and "The Mystery of the Lost Sleep" exclusively for Stella. Try them in the app today!

Choosing the best kids sleep app is hard.

Despite the high incidence and considerable impact of sleep problems in children, apps aimed att addressing these issues often fall short.

A study from the University of Colorado found that the majority of kids sleep apps currently available do not include any kind of evidence-based sleep strategies to help children fall asleep. In fact, several of the analysed applications included games despite evidence that this reduces sleep duration, sleep quality and sleep efficiency in children.

Also, many apps were found to make claims regarding well-being and development without any evidence to back up these assertions.

In Stella, you will only find advice and guidelines that are backed up by science. Our resident sleep expert - Helena Kubicek Boye - is renowned for her knowledge and expertise, and also for her skills in writing stories to help children fall asleep!

A brief interview with Helena,
exclusively for Stella!

  • What do you think your “mission" is as a sleep expert, and what areas of sleep science are most interesting to your mind?
    - My mission is to be the counterpart to the cognitive arousal in both grown ups and childrens brains in todays society. I want to offer stories and other methods that is helpful tools for the brain and body to create a good sleep and sleep routine.
    - Right now I think its very interesting with nightmares, which is common within trauma but also in periods of life. Some periods children dream more vivid scary dreams when the brain develops. Stress can also affect the content of the dreams a lot.
  • Why is sleep so important for kids?
    Sleep is essential for childrens development. During sleep they recover from the day and get prepared for the next day. During sleep also lots of things happen in the body such as to store new memories and to process happenings during the day. 
    Children develop sleep patterns that can persist throughout life, so its important to create good habits and routines for the children, both small children and when they grow older.  

  • What is the sleep routine in your family?
    When my daughters were younger I always read a bedtime story for them, it took no longer than 15 minutes and they lay in bed listening. They also loved to get a soft massage before getting to sleep. When they were babies I sang a song for them. Now when they are tweenie and teenagers they choose to listen to something to wind down. It's often calm music, a story or also some natural sounds.  
  • If you could pick one thing to change in your sleep routine, what would it be?
    That is to be more firm to leave my phone outside the bedroom. 
  • What is the most important thing to teach kids about sleep?
    To keep set bedtimes, go to bed at the same time and go up at the same time. To help them set their natural biological sleep clock.
  • How do you think society today impacts children's ability to sleep?
    All impressions on digital devices, social media and sitmulation both in pre-school and school makes the brain process a lots of content all the time. Children needs to train to relax the brain to stay cognitively healthy and be able to wind down to get good sleep. Stella-stories is a perfect way to do that. 
Try Stella today!
Stella Sleep is available to download for free on the App Store.
Bedtime Stories - Stella Sleep App is listed by the kidSAFE Seal Program.

Designed for kids

Safe, ad free, and based on established sleep science
Stella Sleep offers unique audio content designed to help children relax and fall asleep. Together you can explore our range of gentle, kind and magically sleepy characters and their journey towards sweet dreams and deep, enjoyable sleep. Try the app together our recommended bedtime routine based on established sleep science. With Stella, moments of calm relaxation will soon be your child's favourite time of day!
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